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Core life relationships draw from our past experiences and create a fertile ground for learning about ourselves. Uplift Counselling in Fremantle can assist you in healing from relational trauma.

More grounded and present

Support for stress and strong emotions:

Being more grounded and present can help in many ways. It can help to stop us being so reactive to triggers, it can also help us to be more aware of our emotions, and more able to process them rather than repress them.

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Tools for mindfulness
Self Help / Mindfulness Tools

Try these simple tools for mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation practices seem like a really good idea, but who has the time, and where do you start? Here are some supportive tools for mindfulness to start or develop your practice!

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Ajay Hawkes

Accredited mental health social workerAjay Hawkes

Medicare rebates available

Fully accredited therapist with extensive experience in personal growth and mindfulness meditation.

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