Breaking Free: A seven point guide to Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy can free you from the exhausting pursuit of happiness, developing a deeper connection to the wisdom of you inner feelings.
Somatic Psychotherapy Journey


Are you feeling weary from the relentless pursuit of happiness? Do you ever find yourself entangled in a web of thoughts and worries, yearning for relief? Maybe your stressed, anxiou or depressed? You’re not alone in this fast-paced world, where the chase for happiness often leads to anxiety and disconnection. Fortunately, there’s an alternative path, a path that involves embracing somatic psychotherapy. This is a transformative journey that will help you reconnect with your body and the present moment.

1: Escaping the Mental Maze

Imagine your mind as a complex maze of thoughts, each one tugging you in various directions. This is a common experience that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and detached. An interesting exercise to try is dedicating a few minutes to writing down all the thoughts that come to you. You’ll be surprised by how much of a maze they create!

2: Rediscovering the Wisdom Within

Somatic psychotherapy encourages you to shift your attention away from the constant hustle of your mind. Instead, it guides you to explore the wisdom residing within your body. It recognizes that your body holds a wealth of knowledge. By tuning into your physical sensations, you can uncover profound insights into your emotions and behaviours. Unlike traditional talk therapy, this approach offers a path to genuine contentment.

3: Dancing with Sensations

Take a moment to sit in stillness and tune in to the sensations within your body. You might notice tension in your shoulders, a tingling in your fingertips, or the gentle rhythm of your breath. Somatic psychotherapy encourages you to explore these sensations without judgment. These sensations are not to be labelled as good or bad; they are simply part of the exquisite dance of sensations that make up your experience.

4: Embracing the Uncomfortable

Here’s a radical concept: discomfort is not an adversary on your quest for contentment; it’s an ally. By leaning into discomfort, you can uncover valuable insights about yourself. Maybe your emotions are telling you something useful. They might be signalling that something in your life needs to change. When you resist or evade uncomfortable sensations, you inadvertently create suffering. This resistance itself is an inner fight, which only adds to your pain. However, by approaching these sensations with curiosity and compassion, you open the door to healing and growth.

5: The Power of Mindful Presence

Mindfulness is the cornerstone of somatic psychotherapy. It’s about fully inhabiting the present moment without passing judgment. As you become more mindful of your bodily sensations, you also become more attuned to your emotions and thoughts. This heightened awareness empowers you to make choices aligned with your values, leading to greater fulfillment.

6: Letting Go of the Reins

In the pursuit of contentment, we often grasp for control over everything—our thoughts, emotions, and circumstances. Somatic psychotherapy teaches us that genuine control comes from letting go. By relinquishing the constant need for control and surrendering to the present moment, you discover profound liberation.

7: The Healing Expedition

Somatic psychotherapy is not a quick fix; it’s a transformative expedition into the depths of your body and soul. Along this journey, you may encounter pain, resistance, and uncertainty. Yet, you’ll also uncover resilience, strength, and a profound sense of aliveness. This expedition offers an authentic path to happiness and satisfaction.

Conclusion: Embrace the Somatic Journey

In the spirit of exploring somatic psychotherapy, consider stepping away from the treadmill of your mind and immersing yourself in the richness of your body and the present moment. It’s a journey that challenges conventional notions of happiness but ultimately leads to a deeper, more genuine way of living. So, if you’re seeking liberation from the relentless pursuit of contentment, contemplate embarking on the somatic psychotherapy journey. You may discover that the key to your contentment has been within you all along.

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